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A New Era for Dermatology Clinical Trials

E-Book | How Digitalization is Advancing Dermatology Clinical Trials

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While COVID has disrupted and even paralyzed many healthcare sectors, clinical research has continued to advance. Dermatology research is doing particularly well; studies are expanding across demographics and conditions, from atopic dermatitis to vitiligo.

Study sponsors and researchers aren’t taking this progress for granted, however. Concerns about the adverse impact of COVID variants on in-person trials, along with growing pressure to increase participant diversity, are spurring them to look for new ways to recruit and retain patients, conduct trials, and analyze data.

One approach that’s gaining traction is decentralization. Decentralized trials—also called virtual or hybrid trials—use electronic platforms and digital tools to remove the roadblocks that prevent researchers from attracting and retaining potential study participants. The result is clinical trials that are faster, more efficient, and more economical for researchers, sponsors and clinicians and more convenient and engaging for participants.

In A New Era for Dermatology Clinical Trials, you’ll learn the benefits decentralization and digitalization bring to clinical research and how to take advantage of this model. The e-Book describes:

  • Why dermatology research is especially well suited to decentralized trials
  • How going virtual widens participant pools by taking trials from local to global
  • How decentralized trial tools reduce travel demands, save time and increase convenience for all involved
  • How researchers can mine electronic databases and create their virtual trial toolkit



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